Restoring a Community's Tile Roofing Infrastructure

When a vibrant 23-year-old community found itself preparing for its third tile roof replacement, the Board knew they needed an expert roofing team that could provide a long-term solution.

Identifying the Challenge

The community’s roofs had been plagued by persistent leaks, requiring more than $100,000 worth of repairs each year with other roofing companies. These leaks not only damaged interior spaces, but also caused the association’s insurance costs to skyrocket, making it increasingly difficult to obtain coverage. Recognizing our quality of work in previous roof repairs completed for the community, the Board reached out to True Group to participate in the Request for Proposal. After a rigorous selection process, our company was chosen out of 10 roofing bids.

Proposing a Solution

During our thorough assessment, we discovered several key factors contributing to their failing roofs:

  • The tile roof was installed with wooden batons nailed through the underlayment, creating more than 10,000 penetrations on each roof where water could enter the structure.
  • Because the tiles were only secured by the batons, the tiles would “chatter” during rainstorms or windy conditions, causing them to chip.
  • Improper materials allowed water to flow beneath the surface of the roof, finding the penetrations caused by the batons.

Executing the Plan

To address these issues, we completed a comprehensive roof replacement to ensure all damaged materials were replaced and the components were properly installed, including: 

  • Removed the materials down to the decking to repair and replace any damaged wood
  • Applied the highest-quality underlayment specifically designed for tile roofs to provide superior protection
  • Implemented our proprietary protocol to seal any penetrations caused by plumbing boots and ventilation systems
  • Installed materials to promote self-cleaning and prevent debris accumulation in the valleys
  • Eliminated the need for batons to install the tiles, reducing the risk of tile damage or displacement during storms
  • Each tile was adhered to the roof, giving a wind uplift rating of 160 MPH

Delivering Results

We completed 43 buildings in less than eight months, transforming the financial stability of this community:

  • Extended Roof Lifespan: With our proprietary approach, we provided this community with roofs expected to last for decades, significantly exceeding the lifespan they’d received in their previous roof replacements. This allowed for a much lower reserve budget as well as insurance rate.
  • Financial Savings: With roofs set to last for decades, the association was able to spread the cost of a future roof replacement over a longer period of time, reducing their annual reserve deposits by more than 50%. Insurance costs also saw a significant reduction with the installation of the new roofs, resulting in savings for the community.
  • Efficient Project Timeline: Although a sizable project, our team was able to complete the work in less than eight months, a shorter timeframe than any other bid they received. During that time, we were in consistent communication with the community association manager and Board to keep them apprised of updates.


Through these efforts, our team was able to dramatically improve the roofing infrastructure of the buildings, while providing peace of mind for the future. Our 10-year No Dollar Limit warranty guarantees any future repairs under the scope of work are 100% covered by our company, ensuring a long-term investment with substantial financial benefits for the community.