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Providing you with the right equipment to fit your community's unique needs.

We own our equipment to effectively work on your project while keeping costs low. Because our equipment is readily available, our team can start the project process much quicker than if we had to wait for a rental to be available, saving your community both time and money.

  • Our Hi-Lo dump trucks rise to the roof to collect any trash during the reroofing process, limiting scattered debris on the job site. It is moved daily to a designated location on property, rather than remaining in front of the specified building for the duration of the project.
  •  The infrared drone allows us to quickly and easily identify and capture images of defects on a building. The infrared camera can specifically highlight the effects of the defect, showing how the area is allowing water intrusion into the building.
  • Our warehouse includes a metal shop where we can fabricate anything we may need to properly fix and waterproof your building. For instance, we custom bend roofing, window and door flashing to cover over voids instead of caulk, which provides a better waterproofing seal.
  • Our man basket lifts eliminates the need for scaffolding, which can have adverse impacts on a community. While scaffolding is required to stay up for the duration of work on a building, our man basket lifts are only used in one specific area at a time. And because it is mobile, it can be moved to a designated location on property at the end of each workday.
  • We use telehandlers to bring materials up to the areas where we’re working, eliminating the need to keep excess materials on property for duration of project. This allows us to do the same amount of work with less manpower needed to handle the materials, saving time and money on the project.

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*The calculator above is for educational purposes only. Results are based on the information you provide and estimated costs. Totals may vary from actual costs. The calculations are designed to illustrate the impact of scope, warranties and other factors on the total cost of a project.

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