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Your project's success relies on choosing a contractor with the right expertise and processes for your community.

Focus on Waterproofing

The majority of structural defects are a result of water intrusion. Without proper waterproofing measures in place, your buildings are open to the elements. Our work protocols focus on correcting and waterproofing your building components so they can stand the test of time.

A “Right-Sized” Scope of Work

We help you prevent unnecessary expenses by ensuring our outlined scope of work aligns to your specific needs. By determining whether a full replacement is necessary or if a repair can effectively address the issue, our “right-sized” scope will help you avoid “scope creep” while addressing both the root cause and the symptoms.

Work Protocol

We follow industry standards and outline every step of our protocol to complete the necessary work for your buildings. Each protocol focuses on correcting the identified issues and ensuring proper waterproofing to protect your buildings from future damage.

High-Quality Materials

The quality of materials used plays a significant role in the lifespan of your building components and protecting your warranty. We utilize high-quality products on all our projects to offer your community a longer lifespan, providing potential savings for your reserves as well as a lasting solution for your buildings.

Our team also creates custom materials, as needed, to best fit your community. Our warehouse includes a metal workshop and staging area to custom size your components and properly prepare the materials before installing them in your community. We believe the right quality materials with the right process can help extend the life of your community.


 It’s crucial to know what type of warranties your contractor offers – if they offer one at all. We often see communities that have been given “taillight” warranties, meaning any warranty is void once work is complete on the project. 

We offer a No Dollar Limit warranty on every project to provide your community with the most secure investment possible.

  • Taillight Warranty: Provides warranty coverage until the contractor leaves the jobsite at the end of the project. Once the project is over, it’s difficult to get the contractor to come back for any warranty repairs.
  • Prorated Warranty: Starts decreasing in the first month of coverage and continues to decrease substantially over time. After the first few years of the warranty, the association is responsible for the majority of the replacement costs.
  • No Dollar Limit Warranty: Provides 100% coverage for replacement costs throughout the entire warranty period, even if a component fails shortly before it expires. This choice of warranty will have a substantial positive impact on long-term costs and provide you with peace of mind.

Project Management

 Our team manages all aspects of your project from start to finish. We’ve got you covered from obtaining permits and providing documentation to tracking all aspects of the project, and more.

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Repair vs. Replacement

The cost gap between repairing and replacing a building component can be substantial. Associations sometimes face the pressure to replace a component prematurely when a repair suffices, leading to financial strain. 

Our team of experts conducts precise assessments to determine whether a repair or replacement is necessary and creates the scope of work accordingly.

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