Waterproofing and Painting

Protect your community from water intrusion with an investment that will last.

Ensuring your building is waterproofed is a crucial part of any construction process, safeguarding it from potential damage. Skipping this step exposes your structure to weather and wear, significantly shortening its durability.

Waterproofing involves a detailed method that connects different materials, effectively sealing gaps or fissures in the building's outer layer.

It's important to note that waterproofing is not the same as painting. They differ in duration, materials used, and the techniques applied.


  • The right waterproofing protocol will seal the surface of your building to protect it from water intrusion.
  • It requires high-quality materials and additional steps, making the process longer than painting. But waterproofing provides a significantly longer warranty while protecting your structure, which saves you from costly future repairs.


  • Painting is only an aesthetic change. It colors the building but does not stop water from penetrating the surface, which negatively impacts the building’s structural components. This water intrusion will cause costly repairs in the future.
  • It typically requires low- to medium-quality materials and requires less time than waterproofing.
  • Painting offers a shorter warranty than waterproofing. However, a paint manufacturer’s warranty is void if the contractor didn’t follow specific waterproofing protocols. Most painting protocols do not include these waterproofing measures, therefore voiding your warranty from the beginning.

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Customer Testimonials

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Tile Roof Repair
“Customer service is exceptional. They responded to our request for an estimate in two days. They were on time and took time to explain what they planned to do. David returned on the specified day and time, completed all the work exactly as we were told they would do, and followed up in two days to make sure that everything was in order. We will definitely use them when the time comes for a new roof. I will also recommend True Group to anyone needing repairs or a roof. Thank you to the team."
- Jonathan Murdock
shingle roof replacement
“True Group gave the best price on my roof replacement. My roof is pretty large, but more importantly, very high and has a very steep angle. They completed the job efficiently and were very professional. Could not recommend this company enough! They came highly recommended and did not disappoint. If you need a roof replacement, don’t think twice, go with these guys!!"
- Karl Lynch
shingle roof replacement
“The quote listed out in detail all materials and what they were going to do, unlike other quotes which stated reroof and a number. The salespeople explained in detail what they do differently and why these steps make a difference in a quality installation. They led us through the insurance claim process successfully. At the end of each day, the worksite was clean. We have enjoyed the process with True Group and would certainly recommend them if details, knowledge and communication are important to protecting your home!"
- Chris Cornils
shingle roof replacement
“I just wanted to take a moment to thank and acknowledge your services. Our community is in the middle of roof replacements with your company. Ours has already been completed. The whole time you and your crews have been here, there has been no disruption, no chaos, no loud ANYTHING, not even conversations from the workers. I work from home and I saw how they were almost invisible (and that says a lot with roof banging). We even engaged with a few workers on a late night (can't believe they work late nights on top of hot sunny days) and they were always pleasant and respectful. We never saw debris anywhere either. Just wanted to take the time to acknowledge the workers and the company for being so efficient and classy. Thank you!"
-Nelly Zamora
Owner at Harbor Winds Townhomes
stucco repairs & waterproofing
“Extremely professional with attention to detail. They walked us through each step of the process and documented everything with pictures and explanations. This made it much easier to understand the depth of the project at all points along the way until the scope of work was completed. Highly recommend this company!”
- Gavin Medd
Community Association Manager for Bona Vista Condominiums
roof repair
"Such professionalism, ethics and knowledge from True Group. It’s a pleasure working with such a knowledgeable company. Reliability at its best. Silvana, Dave and the team are wonderful and knowledgeable. Look no further than True Group for your construction needs."
- Miguel Ubiles
Community Association Manager for Tuscana Condominiums