Stucco Repair or Replacement

Resolve your moisture issues through our proprietary stucco replacement protocol.

Moisture Control System

Our unique stucco repair method focuses on controlling moisture throughout the wall system. This specialized approach ensures long-lasting durability and protection against water damage.

Step-by-Step Protocol

A successful stucco repair follows a detailed protocol that begins with the vapor barrier, which lies behind the stucco. This crucial step involves carefully attaching a continuous vapor barrier to prevent future failures. Proper execution at this stage is essential for the integrity of the repair.

Seamless Integration

Beyond the vapor barrier, each layer of the repair must be expertly blended to achieve a flawless finish. Our goal is for the repaired area to blend indistinguishably with the surrounding wall. A visible patch or a crack around the repaired section often indicates a substandard repair job. Our expert technique ensures a seamless restoration, maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of your wall.

Signs of stucco failure:

  • Cracks – Stucco cracks can come in all shapes and sizes. Each one requires a different protocol for correction.
  • Delamination – Stucco delamination means that the materials have detached from your building. When enough water makes its way into the sheathing, it expands the materials, disrupting the stucco’s adhesion to the building. This expansion continues until it’s clearly visible as a “bulging” on the wall.
  • Excessive mold (green or black) growth on walls – Green or black mold is a sign that water is being absorbed into the stucco. This mold feeds off the moisture in the wall, which will lead to cracks and stucco delamination if left untreated.

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