Roof Repair or Replacement

Choose a roofing solution that will extend the life of your buildings.

Importance of Roofing

Your roof is one of the most important components protecting your building. With the right materials and protocols, your roof can last 20+ years, protecting your interior from the elements while lowering your association reserves.

Proprietary Protocol for Roof Replacement

Our roofing division has provided customers with quality roof repairs and replacements since 1958. We approach each roof replacement with our proprietary protocol to ensure every material is properly installed and sealed.

Roof repair and replacement offerings:

  • Shingle
  • Tile
  • Metal
  • Flat roof coating

Importance of Underlying Layers

The layers underneath the shingles defend your buildings from water intrusion. We often find that these materials are decayed or were not installed properly. This creates an open system that allows water to leak into your home.

Benefits of working with us:

  • Team with 100+ years of combined experience in a variety of roofing materials, including shingle, tile, metal and flat roof coating.
  • We are experienced in finding and correcting construction defects. As a result, our repair team can go through the property and fix weak areas, rather than replacing all the roofs throughout the community.
  • We possess unique moisture control experience to ensure your roof is properly waterproofed to protect from future water intrusion.
  • We use the right materials to provide you with the best possible warranty on our work. Each project is evaluated based on the community’s unique needs in order to select the best materials and processes to provide you with a long-term investment. This is done through a collaborative effort of our roofing team.
  • Our proprietary roof replacement protocol ensures each material works in tandem with the slope and shape of your roof, avoiding water intrusion issues in common problem areas.

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