our mission

Providing you with peace of mind through our long-lasting solutions.

True Group possesses more than two decades of experience in identifying and resolving construction defect issues.

Our proprietary methods focus on the importance of moisture control and waterproofing, delivering a long-lasting solution to secure your community’s future. This not only provides a warrantied resolution for your community’s issues, but also safeguards your association’s reserves through a financially sound investment. We provide a No Dollar Limit warranty on most projects to provide you with peace of mind. 

Our expert team holds specialized knowledge in all areas of the building envelope, the exterior which protects your home. Each of these specialties work together to provide your community with an unmatched service experience that will stand the test of time.

True Signature Service


We proudly hold industry certifications in five key areas.

As the sole contracting company in the U.S. with expertise in moisture control, general contractor services, roofing, mold-related services, and microbial remediation, we bring a comprehensive approach to safeguarding your property.


Our expertise ensures a higher return on your investment.

Empower your community with cost-effective care that accurately corrects your construction defect issues the first time. Our unique expertise and proprietary protocols effectively halt water intrusion to protect your investment and provide long-term benefits to your community.


Our commitment goes beyond addressing the symptoms.

We are committed to delivering results that endure, supporting your community’s long-term fiscal health. We go beyond the surface to fix the root of your buildings’ issues, not just the symptoms. Trust us to be your proactive partner to build a financially-sound community.

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