Revitalizing Stucco Integrity

A local community was plagued by extensive stucco delamination of its 43 buildings. With stucco literally falling off the walls and forming “mumps” across all four sides of each building, they sought our expertise for a long-term solution. 

Identifying the Challenge

The stucco deterioration was symptomatic of a broader construction defect affecting the entire community. To determine the extent of the damage, we conducted thorough sounding inspections, revealing large areas of delamination on every side of each building, some of which totaled up to 1,500 square feet.

Proposing a Solution

Our solution focused on comprehensive remediation to restore the structural integrity of the buildings. This included our proprietary waterproofing protocol that would allow our repairs to stand the test of time. Not knowing the state of the materials beneath the surface, we developed a lump sum bid for the project which would cover the cost of any hidden damage discovered along the process.

Executing the Plan

We removed the damaged stucco and inspected the sheathing for potential issues. We quickly found that both the sheathing and wood framing below it was damaged. This damage extended far beyond just the areas of stucco delamination. Included in our lump sum bid, we expanded our scope of work to ensure all damaged sheathing and framing was properly replaced.

Once these components were replaced, our team followed our proprietary stucco replacement protocol to properly seal and waterproof the damaged areas. A key piece of this process ensures that water is properly managed throughout the wall system. This should allow water to escape from the wall system. Otherwise, moisture builds up inside the wall and damages the materials.

Our process also ensures a smooth transition between the old and new stucco so that the repair is no longer visible, providing a much more aesthetically pleasing look.

Once the repair was complete, we waterproofed the exterior to protect the walls from future water intrusion. 

Delivering Results

Our team completed the work within eight months, prioritizing efficiency to minimize disruption to residents. The results of our efforts were transformative:

  • Property Value Appreciation: The revitalization of this community’s exteriors led to a dramatic increase in property value, enhancing the neighborhood's appeal and marketability.
  • Cost Savings: While other vendors provided base estimates upward of $2.5 million, our right-sized scope enabled us to complete the work for less than half that price, representing significant cost savings for the community.
  • Budget Efficiency and Cost Transparency: Despite the complexity of the project, our lump sum bid and commitment to no change orders ensured financial predictability for the association’s reserves.
  • Speed and Communication: Our swift project execution and communication, including advance notices to residents, minimized inconvenience, and maintained positive relationships with the unit owners.


Through meticulous planning, skilled craftsmanship, and unwavering commitment to quality, our team successfully revitalized the stucco integrity of these properties, providing long-lasting protection and value for its residents. With a 10-year warranty backing our labor and materials, this community can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their exteriors are built to withstand Florida weather.